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10. Your GeekRock is a good listener, never interrupting with dumb questions.

9.  Your GeekRock never blames you for problems with your computer.

8.  Your GeekRock can fix as many problems as the "office guru" can.

7.  GeekRocks never have acne.

6.  GeekRocks will not try to hit on you during service calls.

5.  GeekRocks have very high density brains and have no weird personality traits.

4.  Your GeekRock is always available for consultation or reprimand as needed.

3.  Properly positioned GeekRocks can ward off lesser geeks who would do
     harm to your system.

2.  Your GeekRock can assist in the final demise of your monitor or computer when
     the time comes to propel heavy objects at your system.

1.  GeekRocks are the only geeks around with the "cut brush" hairstyle.

GeekRocks are made by hand in the USA by our dedicated staff of "GeekRock Jocks".




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the one and only
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that spawned the
whole idea



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