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Variations in rock color/shape/size, hair cut style, and size of glasses are normal.  These are just a few samples from the bin.  Please submit all orders through the web site.  We can keep our cost low and you get a really cool errr..... geeky dude.

GeekRocks are made by hand in the USA by our dedicated staff of "GeekRock Jocks".



    Mini GeekRocks $9.95    

Buy One $9.95

Buy a 3 pack $24.85
and save $5.00
Buy a 6 pack $49.70
and save $10.00

    Standard GeekRocks $11.95    

Buy One $11.95

Buy a 3 pack $30.85
and save $5.00
Buy a 6 pack $61.70
and save $10.00


Includes postage and handling sent via USPS

If you need a shipping quote for elsewhere, check UPS.COM and price shipping from USA 28312 to your location. Item ships as 1 pound and box size is 6x6x6. (external size for UPS)

the one and only
original prototype
that spawned the
whole idea



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