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If you don't know them, DON'T VOTE!  If you know who they are, VOTE!
If yo edumacashun level is not passesed beyond da fouth grads, 
(click here to go back where you came from) sorry Arnold you inherited a real jewel...

All others, have a good time and bemuse yourself and your friends with a joyous and prosperous 2006.  Get ready for some tough times if your left of center.  The onslaught is about to begin....

I would like to thank talk radio and the hosts that are the most thought provoking and riotously funny at times.  Neal, Rush, Sean.  May the left have left you and the right be right all the time.

If I said that you can be completely free from any INCOME TAX?  You would say, YEA RIGHT, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING...    I would say that you probably cannot name the last name of the 3 persons I mentioned in reference to talk radio....

If you must know the truth, only invest in the truth. Truth will not lead you down the wrong road or inform you to make poor decisions.  The truth can only lead to more truths and the whole truth. Be not afraid to question the truth, question everything to determine the truth for all true things can bear any scrutiny and still be only one thing, The truth.

Its a damn shame our political system cannot use such a simple guideline to determine our country's future.  For the majority of them (our politicians) I believe, have never faced the truth in their own lives enough to know the bliss and clear conscience that a man (or woman) who is driven by and lives by the truth in all manner of business and personal guidance can achieve.



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